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Retake Exam and Exam Review in 'Advanced Macro'

The review for the exam 'Advanced Macroeconomics' will take place on Tuesday, 17th of April 2018 between 9:45 and 12:00 in room 4.157. In case you want to take part in the review, please register via entering your name into the list provided at door 4.162 during the first lecture week, 9.4.-13.4. Please remember to bring your Thoska to the review itself.

The retake exam in 'Advanced Macroeconomics' will take place on Wednesday, 2nd of May 2018 between 16:00 (s.t.) and 17:00 (s.t.) in seminar room SR308. In order to apply for the retake, you have to sign another list during the first three lecture weeks, 9.4.-27.4. You can find the list during that time in our secretary's office.