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Seminars for Bachelor and Master students are offered.


The Registration to a seminar and the allocation of seminar places for Bachelor and Master students is conducted centrally. The requirements and deadlines for an application are communicated centrally, too.


An algorithm allocates students centrally to achieve maximum capacity utilization of the individual chairs and to guarantee that students' preferences are respected.

Passing Requirements

To successfully pass the seminar it is required that a seminar paper is written and presented (presentation time: 20-30 min.).  Another requirement is a supplementary presentation of another students' paper (presentation time: 5-10 min.) or the writing of an exam. In the case of a supplementary presentation all slides which includes literature references must be handed in. The topic of the supplementary paper has to be coordinated with the supervisor. 


When writting the seminar paper the guidelines of the chair must be followed!

Guidelines for the presentation of the paper also exist.


Please be aware of our literature research tips(In German)

The FSU provides support for academic writing(In German)


The assessment is defined in the module catalogue