Monetary and Fiscal Policy (MW21.3)

  • Compulsory within the study programs of Economics (M.Sc.): subject major "Public Economics".
  • Elective within the study programs of Economics (M.Sc.): subject majors "Economics & Strategy", “Innovation and Change”, and “World Economy”.
  • This course replaces the course on “Fiscal Policy in Open Economies”.
  • This course teaches students how to use state of the art methods to analyze business
    cycle dynamics. The goal is to develop practical research skills so that, at the end of the
    course, students should be able to solve linear rational expectation models using MATLAB
    and Dynare.
  • The exercise sessions will be held by Lars Other and Josefine Quast.
  • Link to Syllabus
Time and Place
  • Lecture: Wednesday 16.15 - 17.45 pm, Room 208.

  • Exercise Session: Wednesday 12.15 - 13.45 pm, Room 226.

Requiered Reading
  • Chugh, Sanjay K. (2016). Modern Macroeconomics, 1st edition, MIT Press.
  • Walsh, Carl. E. (2010). Monetary Theory and Policy, 3rd edition, MIT Press
  • Additional literature will be announced throughout the course.
  • Lecture:
  • Exercise:
  • Mock Exam:


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