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Master Seminar on Macroeconomics (MW21.7) in the upcoming winter term 2021/2022:

Main topic: Fundamental causes of long-run economic development

Description: In the seminar, we will address the fundamental questions of long-economic development: Why are some countries or regions more prosperous than others? Why is there so much inequality in economic development across the world? Why has economic growth been so unequal? Why did economic growth take off in the later 18th in some parts of the world but not others? We will address these questions by examing the fundamental causes of economic growth and development, that is, the role of geography, culture, and institutions.

Format: Introductory one-hour Zoom meeting at 4 pm on August 4 and a two-day workshop on December 2 – 3. Topics will be announced before the introductory session and assigned afterward.

Location: Hybrid format, live sessions, plus an online option for distant students.

Assessment methods: You write a 15-page research paper (50%), present your paper in the seminar (20-minute presentation, 30%), and discuss the research paper of a fellow student (5-minute presentation, 15%). The remaining 5% of points is active participation in the seminars. Attendance of all seminar sessions is mandatory.

Submission deadline: The deadline for submission of the research paper is October 20.

Registation via the central online registration procedure from July 1 - 8.