General Remarks
  • We offer supervision for Bachelor and Master theses. 
  • Interested students can contact the Chair with theses ideas on an on-going basis.
  • The topic suggestion should be within the research interests of the Chair's staff.
  • Especially before registering a master thesis with the examination office, students should contact a (potential) supervisor to consulate regarding the student's proposal for the thesis.
  • There are no constraints regarding the time of registration and thesis elaboration.
  • Yet, due to our limited resources students should contact (potential) supervisors in a timely manner.
  • For Bachelor as well as Master theses admission with the faculty's examination office takes place after consultation with the supervisor.
Scope and Time Frame
  • The scope of a Bachelor thesis should be 30 pages (+/- 10%). The thesis will usually be conducted in German. After registration, students have eight calender weeks to complete their thesis. 
  • For Master thesis, students have four months to complete their thesis after registration. The scope depends on the chosen topic and consultation with the supervisor is necessary to determine it. (Generally, a thesis consists of 40 to 60 pages.)
  • Note that the comments regarding the scope of a thesis refer to text, not potential appendices. In cases where text plus appendices exceed the agreed-upon target, consultation with the supervisor is necessary to avoid the factual circumvention of the page limitation.