Specialization Area Quantitative Macroeconomics

In the Master's Program in Economics, students can choose from various specialization areas; among them is Quantitative Macroeconomics.

This specialization focuses on equipping students with quantitative skills to help them succeed in careers as economists working in central banks, financial institutions, international organizations, government departments, academia, and many more. The specialization covers various macroeconomic topics, including business cycles, economic growth, monetary economics, trade, and others. All courses have a quantitative focus and provide the relevant skills to use appropriate, up-to-date methods for solving policy-relevant economic problems. While some courses contain sections or exercise sessions dealing with quantitative methods, others focus entirely on learning empirical or computational methods that are then hands-on applied to macroeconomic research questions in computer exercises. Through this, students can carry out their own quantitative research., e.g., in the context of their Master's thesis.

For details regarding the structure of the specialization area, click herepdf, 61 kb · de.